Three Rivers Roleo Professional Results

Thank you to all of our dedicated volunteers, directors, sponsors, and announcers who made the Three Rivers Roleo professional tournament happen! Here are local results and highlights;

Pro men:

Carl Rick- 2nd

Garrick Birdsong- 4th

Alvin Christopherson- 9th
Pro women:

Emily Christopherson- 3rd

Leah Burns- 7th
 Men’s Professional Higlights:

Carl Rick of Onalaska was the runner up to the tournament’s champion J.R. Salzman. He lost his match against Salzman 0-3, though it was a tough battle for Salzman. To reach the final match against Salzman, Rick faced Brian Stearns of Oconomowoc, Wi and Brian Duffy of Hayward, Wi.

Garrick Birdsong of Onalaska was placed as the 5th seed in the double elimination bracket. He faced Spencer Wilkinson of Madison, Wi, as his first match and took the victory. He then lost to Salzman in the semi-finals and moved to the back bracket. He beat Brian Stearns in his first back bracket match. Finally, he met Wilkinson again in the match for third and fourth place and was not as successful as his first round. Birdsong, quite respectively, ended up finishing fourth in Saturday’s event.

Alvin Christopherson, a strong athlete in the professional men’s division, finished ninth at the Three Rivers Roleo. Although he lost both of his matches, he gave both Caleb Graves and Brian Stearns a hard-fought battle. 

Women’s Professional Highlights:

Bangor’s Emily Christopherson successfully took third place at the Three Rivers Roleo. She started out the tournament by facing Taylor Biser and won. After a hard-fought match against Madison’s Gretchen Greene, who was the later champion, Christopherson lost the match and moved to the back bracket. She beat Maggie Penning of Hayward, Wi in her first back-bracket match. She moved on to face Taylor Biser, won, and finished third.

Leah Burns of La Crosse finished seventh at the Three Rivers Roleo. She faced Jenny Atkinson and beat her 3-2. Atkinson’s loss to Burns was one of the most exciting matches of the day! Burns was then defeated by second-place finisher Ellie Davenport and was moved to the back bracket where she faced Penning. Burns was defeated and did not move on. 

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