Three Rivers Roleo 2015 amateur results

The 2015 amateur Three Rivers Roleo was a big success! Thank you to all athletes who traveled to compete on Onalasa and congratulations to all competitors. Here are the local amateur results;

Adult Sport:

Bill Hinman- 5th

Jen Amundson- 7th
U17 boys:

Connor Birdsong- 2nd

Kody Koblitz- 3rd

Mathias Klingeman- 4th

Shane Burns- 5th

Michael Hinman- 6th
U13 boys:

Tre Owen- 8th
U13 girls:

Livi Pappadopoulos- 1st

Morgan Thill- 3rd

Maggie Amundson- 7th
U10 boys:

Davin Keeney- 3rd
U10 girls:

Grace Berg- 3rd

Ellie Buxton- 4th

Isabelle Keeney- 5th

Ava Fischer- 6th

Sarah Yonkovich- 7th
U7 coed:

Calvin Rick- 3rd

Quintin Keeney- 4th

Grace Mahnkey- 5th 

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