Friday Update

Good evening!

The Three Rivers Roleo Logrolling tournament is tomorrow! Join us at the Great River Landing in Onalaska, Wisconsin for a great day of rolling!  The Three Rivers Roleo Professional tournament is the second-highest level tournament in the nation. The highest ranked professionals on the men’s and the women’s side will be competing! The pro divisions begin at 11:00 am. The amateur divisions will begin around 3:00 pm. The Blue Moon will provide concessions. Please bring a lawn chair or a blanket to sit on. Additional info can be found by visiting Keep up with us on Facebook and Instagram tomorrow for live updates!

This past Tuesday’s weather was nearly perfect for the pre-Three Rivers Roleo celebrity logrolling tournament. Local radio/TV personalities, mayors, and Pageant Winners joined us at the site of the Three Rivers Roleo to give logrolling a try! Congratulations to all who rolled with us, and thank you for a great day!


Onalaska mayor Joe Chilson (left) competes against the La Crosse Logger’s Baseball radio announcer John Pappadopoulos at the Pre-Three Rivers Roleo Logrolling tournament. Pappadopoulos later went on to take second place in the event.

If you haven’t already, please visit our new Media Page. All local news coverage is available for view. Thank you!

The Logrolling World Championships are less than two short weeks away! Local pros and amateurs have been working very hard in practice and have come very far. Keep up with us during the world championships on our website and social media; we will keep you updated on the amateur, pro, and boomrunning competitions.

Best of luck to all Three Rivers Roleo competitors!

Yo Ho!

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