2017 Spring Recap

Spring is an exciting time for logrolling athletes and enthusiasts in the area! Keep reading for a recap on logrolling in the last few months.


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The 2017 amateur logrolling season was more than successful for all rollers from the Coulee Region. Here’s a summary of the season for each division:

U7 Coed:   Competitive logrolling is growing at the early elementary level! At the Rusty Ankle tournament in La Crosse, Eli Neve, Phin Rick, and Caleb Priem all competed at the event and rolled better than ever before! All three showed excellent sportsmanship and most importantly had fun.

U10 Girls:   Aini Anderson moved up from the U7 division this year and competed alongside Grace Berg, a third-year U10 competitor.  Both girls had several successful tournaments this spring and each medaled multiple times.

U17 Girls:    Livi Pappadopoulos is  is currently undefeated in U17 girls and is preparing for a competitive summer. Maggie Amundson moved up to U17 this Spring and took second place at the Madison Capitol Splash and the Rusty Ankle tournament.

U17 Boys:   Kody Koblitz came into 2017 as the number one ranked  roller in amateur logrolling. This Spring, he won the Hudson Harold Fischer Memorial and the Capitol Splash and took second at the Oconomowoc Five-O-Fast Feet and the Rusty Ankle in La Crosse. Koblitz should be a strong contender at the World Championships this July and throughout the remainder of his amateur career. Tre Owen moved up to U17 this year and took finished in fourth place at the Rusty Ankle against an incredible group of rollers.

For full results from the spring USLRA amateur tournaments, click here.

Area amateur rollers trained and worked hard at the La Crosse Area Family YMCA this Spring. The most important part about logrolling at the amateur level, however, is the fun and the experiences! Once kids catch the logrolling bug, it’s nearly impossible to go back. Interested in joining local rollers at a tournament? Click here!




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On Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, the bleachers surrounding the pool at the La Crosse Area Family YMCA are hopping with eager kids ready to get rolling. Dozens of new children took part in logrolling classes during the spring sessions this year and already love it. The Tuesday night adult beginner class is on a roll, too! Classes at the Y on Tuesdays and Fridays will run through the summer.


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The “Under The Sea” Family Fun Night on May sixth was a great day filled with big smiles and awesome new logrollers. Kids, teens, and adults rolled for hours on end and had a great time with their friends and families.

This year’s Rusty Ankle was a hit! Amateur rollers from all over Wisconsin and Minnesota joined Coulee Region Logrolling at the La Crosse Area Family YMCA for a round robin tournament. After the event, the athletes and families gathered for an awards ceremony with pizza and ice cream. Thank you to all of the families who traveled to La Crosse and the phenomenal volunteers!





Summer is on its way! To learn about local classes, professional logrolling in the area, and more, click here.

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