Year-Round Programs

The La Crosse Area Family YMCA

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Location: La Crosse Area Family YMCA- La Crosse, Wi

Program Director: Brenda Maxwell-

About: The La Crosse Area Family YMCA’s logrolling program has produced multiple high-ranked professional logrollers and world champion amateur logrollers and offers fun classes for all ages and abilities! The YMCA is one of the most highly recommended programs for beginners in the area. 



Description: Any logroller with little or no experience is eligible to take part in the beginner class. Rollers are introduced to different techniques and rolling an opponent. When a beginner has mastered these skills, s/he is ready to move to the Intermediate log. Intermediate logrollers work on new, more advanced skills and will continue to practice what they learned as a beginner. All beginners and intermediates are encouraged to take part in one of the YMCA’s amateur tournaments!(

Ages: 6+


Description: The advanced class is for any amateur roller who competes in multiple tournaments each year, has been rolling for at least two years, and has mastered all beginner and intermediate level skills. In the class, rollers will roll with other competitors at a similar level and learn different strategies for competing.

Ages: 10+

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For more information on some of the world’s most successful logrolling programs or any more information on the great sport of logrolling visit
Reviews on our classes and instructors? Questions? Concerns? We love hearing what you have to say about us! Please take some time to contact us below.

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