Men’s logrolling has sported a new look this summer with its addition of a great amount of exceptional young talent. It was no surprise that 18 year-old Connor Birdsong of Onalaska would outshine all but two of the professional men at this year’s World Championships. Following a loss to Tanner Hallett early in the tournament, he defeated four great logrollers to accomplish an impressive third place finish. 

Garrick Birdsong ended up in the back bracket after a hard-fought loss to eventual silver finisher, Cassidy Scheer. Garrick settled for a respectable sixth place finish after losses to Connor Birdsong and Tanner Hallett.

Emily Christopherson tied for fifth with Twin Cities resident Abby Hoeschler. Katie Rick took fourth in the women’s boom run. Efer Christopherson tied for ninth in men’s professional logrolling.

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