Following a U.S. Open win in Chicago, Connor Birdsong is hoping for win at the international level. He defeated 2016 second place finisher Spencer Wilkinson this evening and will match up against Oconomowoc’s Tanner Hallett tomorrow.

Garrick Birdsong entered this year’s event as the #1 men’s seed and did not compete today due to his bye. Birdsong brought his A-game to Hayward this summer and is certainly in the running for a world title. He will face Tyler Berard during tomorrow’s tournament.

Efer Christopherson will compete in tomorrow’s back bracket after a 3-1 loss to Tyler Berard.

Emily Christopherson bested former world champ Jenny Atkinson 3-1 in the consolation rounds this afternoon. Tomorrow, she’s headed into the quarterfinals alongside #5 seed Abby Hoeschler.

Katie Rick lost to Gretchen Greene 3-2 and will continue competing in the back bracket tomorrow afternoon.

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