Final Results and Highlights- LWC 2016


Local Top Finishers

Fifteen-year-old Livi Pappadopoulos of Holmen defeated four top level rollers in the U17 girls division, 3-0 each, to capture her fourth world championship title.

Emily Christopherson, originally from Bangor, battled against some of the world’s most seasoned female athletes including four-time world champion Shana Verstegen and the #1 seeded women’s logroller, Ellie Davenport, to take second place on the world stage.

Onalaska’s Kody Koblitz, fifteen, took second at the world championships after a 3-2 finals match in the U17 boys division. Koblitz competed in a field of six incredibly talented rollers.

Connor Birdsong of Onalaska, seventeen, took third in Semi-Pro Men’s logrolling over last year’s world champion.




Pro Women’s Logrolling:

Emily Christopherson- 2nd

Katie Rick- Tie for 9th

Leah Burns- Tie for 17th


Pro Men’s Logrolling:

Garrick Birdsong- 5th

Shane Burns- 7th

Efer Lopez-Christopherson- Tie for 9th


Semi-Pro Men’s Logrolling

Connor Birdsong- 3rd


U17 boys

Kody Koblitz- 2nd


U17 girls

Livi Pappadopoulos- 1st


U13 girls

Maggie Amundson- Tie for 5th


U10 girls

Grace Berg- Tie for seventh


U7 coed

Aini Anderson- 3rd



Click HERE for a full list of results and brackets from this year’s World Championships.

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