LWC 2016: Day 2 Amateur Highlights

U10 girls

Grace Berg started out the day of competition in a tough match against Riley Grossklaus and winning 3-1. She went on to lose to Reese Sheehan to end up in a tie for seventh and eighth place.


U13 girls

Maggie Amundson defeated Alison Volz 3-0 in the quarter finals, and then lost to eventual winner Paige Everson 2-3. She ended up in a tie for fifth and sixth.


U17 girls

Livi Pappadopoulos is the 2016 world champion! She defeated Caitlin Pott, Samara Eltihir, and Anna Davenport to capture the title.


U17 boys

Kody Koblitz took second place after a hard-fought battle in the finals! Koblitz fell short of the title 2-3.

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