LWC 2016: Day 1 Professional Highlights

​The professional boomrunning and logrolling world championships began this evening in Hayward! Here are today’s highlights. 
Semi-Pro Men
Connor Birdsong defeated Bob Jones 3-0 and will advance to compete against Chris Minore tomorrow in the quarter finals.

Pro Women
Katie Rick defeated Wellesley Howard-Larson 3-0 and then lost to Abby Hoeschler 1-3. Tomorrow, she will face Amy James in the back bracket.

 Leah Burns lost to Madison’s Shana Verstegen 1-3. Tomorrow, she will roll against Maggie Bulk in the back bracket.

Emily Christopherson beat Emmaray Einstein 3-2 and will compete against Taylor Biser in the quarter finals tomorrow.

Pro Men
Garrick Birdsong took victory over Cassidy Scheer 3-1 and will face Tyler Berard in the quarter finals tomorrow.

Shane Burns did not compete today, as his first match-up cut from the competition, and will roll Brian Duffy tomorrow.

Efer Lopez-Christopherson lost to Brian Duffy in the early rounds and will roll Derek Knutson tomorrow. 

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