Coulee Region Logrolling Update

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The Oconomowoc Five O Fast feet is coming up on Sunday, February 28! Warm ups for all participants begin at 10:30. At 11, the competition begins with pizza and awards to follow. Never competed before? The Oconomowoc Five O Fast Feet is a great way to start out! Click here for more information on amateur logrolling tournaments. To get to Oconomowoc, take I-90  towards Madison. Once you reach Madison, take 94 East and continue for about an hour. You should reach Oconomowoc in under three hours after your departure from La Crosse. Registration for this tournament and all amateur tournaments are available at   Open Rolling is available to all participants in Oconomowoc on Saturday, February 27 from 6:30-7:30. We are excited to see even more young athletes improve and have fun during the 2016 amateur season!


The Spring 1 session at the La Crosse Y begins on Tuesday, March 1. Registration is available this week at the Onalaska YMCA, the La Crosse YMCA, and


Have a great week! Yo Ho!

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