Friday Update

Good evening!

The first session of 2016 at the Y is quickly approaching! Area rollers are preparing for another great season in 2016! The program guide, however, listed the class times incorrectly. Here is the class schedule for the upcoming session;


6:40 pm: all beginner-intermediate 

7:20 pm: adult beginner-intermediate

7:20 pm: advanced-expert

6:40 pm: beginner-expert

7:20 pm: instructor/pro training

3:30 pm:  beginner-expert

12:00 pm: beginner-expert
For more info on Coulee Region Logrolling classes and programs, click here. 
Coulee Region Logrolling needs photos! If you have any photos from amateur tournaments, professional tournaments, Coulee Region events or classes this year, please email your pictures to or send them directly to Coulee Region Logrolling through social media. Thank you!
Have a great night! Yo Ho!

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