Days 1 and 2- Pro Highlights

Our professional rollers and boom runners have done great so far!

Garrick Birdsong lost a tough battle to Cassidy Scheer in the first round of competition on Thursday. He worked his way through the back bracketed defeating Spencer Wilkinson, Marcel Scott, and once again, Cassidy Scheer. In tonight’s competition, he will compete for third and fourth place. In boomrunning, Garrick did not finish.

Leah Burns started out the 2015 World Championships by defeating Sarah Hadley and advanced to the quarter-finals. After losing to Bangor’s Emily Christopherson, she was moved to the back bracket and lost to Maggie Penning, placing in 9th. In boomrunning, Leah hit her knee in warm-ups and was instantly rushed to the hospital. Leah’s injury was not severe enough to forfeit and she took the 11th rank in Friday’s boomrunning with a time of 23.992 seconds. 

Katie Rick defeated Maggie Penning in her first match on Thursday and then lost to Abby Hoeschler in the quarter-finals 1-3. Katie worked her way through the back bracket by defeating Anjali Krongard and Claudia Duffy. After losing to Emily Christopherson, Katie took 5th place. In Friday’s boomrunning, Katie ranked 6th with a time of 17.774.

Emily Christopherson made it to the 2015 World Championship women’s semi-finals by defeating Hannah Mast and Leah Burns. She lost to Ellie Davenport in the semi-finals and moved of the back bracket. She defeated Katie Rick in the back- bracket semi-finals and will be competing on the match for third and fourth place! Emily did not finish in boomrunning.

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