LWC Day 2- Amateur Highlights

Congratulations to all of our amateurs; every local roller placed in the top eight! 


U17 boys
Connor Birdsong- 2nd place 
Shane Burns- 3rd place
Kody Koblitz- 4th place
Mathias Klingeman- 5th place
U13 boys
Larsen Birdsong- 5th place

U13 girls
Livi Pappadopoulos- 1st place 
Maggie Amundson- 5th place

U10 girls
Grace Berg- 7th place


U17 boys-

Connor Birdsong battled his way to the finals match by defeating other local roller Mathias Klingeman in the semi-finals. After a hard-fought match, Connor lost to this year’s World Champion, Tanner Hallet, 1-3.

Shane Burns worked his way through the back bracket this morning by beating Jack Schulman and Mathias Klingeman. He then defeated Kody Koblitz 3-0 to take third place.

Kody Koblitz made his way to the 3/4 match by defeating Cameron Pilgreen and Jacob Kubarek 3-0 each. He rolled in a hard-fought battle against Shane Burns and took fourth place.

Mathias Klingeman lost to Connor Birdsong in the semi-finals 2-3. He then moved to the back bracket and again lost to Shane Burns to take fifth place.
U13 boys-

Larsen Birdsong lost to Carsen Poupore 2-3 and was kicked to the back bracket. He faced Dominick Magnone and lost 1-3 after a very hard-fought battle.
U13 girls-

Livi Pappadopoulos is the 2015 world champion! She faced Hailey Miller for the semi-finals and won 3-0. She then faced Anna Davenport and took the match.

Maggie Amundson defeated Robin Henrickson 3-1 and then lost to later third place finisher Emma Magnone. She took fifth place.
U10 girls-

Grace Berg was defeated by Avery Poppe in a very hard-fought battle 2-3 and took 7th place!

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