La Crosse Open 2015

Congratulations to all of our amateur and professional athletes who competed today! Results:
•Pro Men:

Garrick Birdsong- 1st place

Carl Rick- 2nd place

•Pro Women:

Leah Burns- 7th place

•U17 boys:

Kody Koblitz- 1st place

Connor Birdsong- 2nd place 

Shane Burns- 3rd place

•U13 boys:

Larsen Birdsong- 2nd place

•U13 girls:

Livi Pappadopoulos- 1st place

Morgan Thill- 2nd place

Maggie Amundson- 5th place

•U10 girls:

Grace Berg- 1st place

Ellie Buxton- 3rd place

•U7 coed:

Zoey Olinger- 2nd place
Full tournaments will be posted on our website shortly. Thank you to all of our dedicated volunteers and directors who made this event happen! Area pro and amateur rollers will again be competing next Saturday in the Midwest Championships in Madison, Wi. Good luck!

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