Friday Update

Good evening!

We have a new Facebook page! Please take a minute to “like” us on Facebook and, if you haven’t already, follow us on Instagram (@couleeregionlogrolling) for even more updates on all things Coulee Region Logrolling!

Have you signed up for summer logrolling classes yet? Our Onalaska Waterfront and Erickson Pool programs begin on Monday, June 8th with the others to come in the following week. Visit Programs up above for more details, class descriptions, dates and times, and more.

Classes have been very successful this week! Next week is the last week of the Spring session at the Y. Thank you to all our wonderful teachers, coaches, instructors, and everyone else who made these classes run as well as they did throughout these past two semesters. Congratulations to all our rollers who made progress this school
year and who competed for the first time!

Have a great week! Yo Ho!

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