Friday Update

Good afternoon!

Congratulations to La Crosse roller Garrick Birdsong along with all who competed this past Sunday for braving the -3° temperature in Eau Claire, WI for the USLRA Winter Championships! Official results will be posted shortly.

The amateur spring season begins this coming Sunday in Oconomowoc for the 5-O-Fast Feet Contest! The competition begins at 11:00 am. Good luck to all competitors! Keep checking in with us throughout the day on Sunday (on this site and our social media) to see how your favorite roller is doing in the tournament.

This week was registration week for classes at the Y, therefore no classes were held. There is currently a waiting list for some of our classes, so make sure you are all set to go! Spring 1 Classes begin this coming week.

Though it was registration week, we did have an open rolling session for amateurs preparing for Oconomowoc and pros today. Great rolling!

Once again, good luck to those competing this Sunday from La Crosse! Yo Ho!

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