Friday Update

Good evening!

First thing’s first, we would like to let everyone know that we have a new email address. You can now give is your questions and comments through!

We still need pictures from throughout the year of 2014! There are thee main rules.
-the picture must include ONE La Crosse Logroller (we also accept pictures of anyone else who has to do with La Crosse logrolling, or pictures of things that have to do with traveling or another obvious memory from the year (ex. A welcome sign to Hayward).
-the picture MUST be from THIS YEAR. We will not accept any pictures from last year, or any other previous years. However, if you have any of those that you figure we might be interested in, you can definitely send it in; we will consider putting one up in our website photo gallery!
-the picture has to do with logrolling. (ex. We will not accept any photos of a La Crosse Logroller going grocery shopping.)
Our main goal is to get as many photos of pros competing as possible, we are short on those. We would also appreciate it so much if anyone could send in a video under 15 seconds(following the same guidelines above)! If you have a video you would like to share over 15 seconds, we will still gladly accept it, although we will be trimming it. Thank you!

Finally, we would like to announce that the Y’s final 2014 logrolling session is about to end! Anyone participating in the Saturday Noon class will have two classes left, while all other classes will only have one.

Thank you! Have a wonderful evening!

Yo Ho!

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