Friday Update

Hudson 2012

Competitor Group Picture from Nationals 2012

Good evening!

Tomorrow, seven of our rollers are headed to Hudson, Wi for Nationals!

We are looking forward to seeing all of you at  the Hudson Area YMCA! The tournament will include:

1.)WARM UPS. All competitors will be able to roll on any log and prepare for competition. This time is also great  for stretching and getting ready.

2.) COMPETITION. Competitors will have (at least one, guaranteed) matches that consist of three to five falls. The competitors will be able to choose which side of the log they would like and if they would like to start their match on a #1 or a #2 log. Competition Divisions will be split between age and gender.

3.) SPEED ROLLING. Each competitor will have the opportunity to speed roll. Speed Rolling is when a roller steps on to a #2 log and rolls as fast as they can. They have 30 seconds to complete their roll! The Speed Rolling winner is whomever achieves the highest amount of spins. Speed Rolling is optional, but highly recommended! Speed rolling divisions will be split just by gender.

4.) AWARDS CEREMONY. The following awards will presented at the Awards  Ceremony.

a) Competition Awards. The top three winners in each division for the main competition will receive an award.

b) Speed Rolling Awards. The top three winners in each Speed Rolling Division will receive an award.

c) Super Series Awards. The top three winners in each Super Series Division will earn a trophy! Super Series is a USLRA sanctioned amateur point ranking system. Throughout the year, each youth and adult novice USLRA competitor gains a certain amount of points from each sanctioned tournament they compete in. More information can be found  at 

At the awards ceremony, competitors  will have the opportunity to socialize with fellow logrollers and eat!

****The YMCA in Hudson has many other fun things to do including a hot tub and waterslide.

****Make sure to cheer on your friends and congratulate your opponents!

If any rollers would like to enter the tournament at the last minute, you certainly can! The Pappadopoulos car has room for one more roller if you would like to carpool! They can be contacted at

Good luck to all competing tomorrow! Go, La Crosse!

Aside from  competing, we would like to congratulate this session’s group of beginners! This is one of the most enthusiastic groups of new rollers we have seen!

The fall USLRA newsletter is out. The National Logrolling news can be seen at

Once again, we would like to wish all our athletes competing tomorrow the best of luck!


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