Friday Update

Happy Friday!

We’d like to make a short recap of this Y session in one word- AMAZING. Our rollers are improving at a fast pace, working hard, and having a great time! We are so proud of our new students at the Y all the way up to the advanced rollers, you are working harder than ever and we would like to say congrats!

At the Y today, the intermediate group spent their 3:15 class time on the #3 log, while the beginners worked super hard on the #1. Three of our advanced rollers, Livi, Morgan and Kody spent two hours at the Y to train for their upcoming tournament and Fall Season Kick Off, The Oconomowoc Rock ‘n’ Roll! They each spent time rolling endurance rolls on the #3 and #4! Between the three of them, they spent about an hour on the log in endurance rolls! Great job.

It isn’t too late to sign up for classes or get a little bit of rolling time during the Fall One class sessions! Here is our current rolling schedule.


All Abilities Class-

Advanced Training Class-

Adult Beginner/Intermediate Class-
7:30-8:10 pm

Professional Training Session-
7:30-8:10 pm

*The three groups meeting between 7:30-8:10 pm will share the pool area.


All Abilities Class-
3:30 pm

Advanced and Professional Open Rolling


All Abilities Class-

You’re always welcome to come join us for Open Rolling!

If you have any questions about specific levels and/or classes, please feel free to ask one of your coaches or contact

We’d like to remind our rollers that the Oconomowoc Rock ‘n’ Roll! If you usually stick to home tournaments and want a chance to compete, this is the tournament for you! Oconomowoc is between Madison and Milwaukee, which is about a 2 1/2 hour drive. We’d love it if we saw you there! If you’d like to carpool with a teammate or would like information, email

Have a great weekend!

Yo, Ho!

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