Friday Update

What a great week it’s been for La Crosse Rollers!

We’re proud to announce that our YMCA program has been very successful this opening week! We have a ton of beginners signed up, and each and every one of them proved that anything is possible. Some of them stayed up for about nine seconds at 3:15 class this afternoon! On the advanced side of the pool this afternoon, Kody had a endurance roll lasting over eight minutes on the #2, Livi did laps on the #5, and Morgan worked on tough transitions! Outstanding work so far this week!

*Until further notice, we will be holding Advanced Open Rolling on Fridays from 4:10-5:00. If you’re available, we’d love it if you would come join us!

Tomorrow is our last class of the week at noon.

For those of you who have been to the Y in the past week, you may have noticed that we don’t have as many logs. They’ve been shipped off to Leah Burn’s house to be fixed up. We will have the logs back soon along with two brand new logs!

Congratulations to our rollers and instructors on a great start to the Fall Season!


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