Friday Update

Happy Friday, Rollers!

Classes are officially over for the summer, but Y classes are already filling up! We hope to see all our Erickson, Onalaska, and La Crescent Beginners at the Y this fall!

Open Rolling at the La Crescent Aquatics Center this Wednesday night was unbelievable! At least two dozen kids tried it out and loved it. We had a few newcomers stay on the #2 log for over three seconds, which is outstanding for a first try! Congratulations to you.

If this is your first time visiting this blog, welcome to our official site! La Crosse Logrolling is currently the most successful logrolling program in the United States! We offer summer classes at Erickson Pool,
, The Onalaska Waterfront, and La Crescent Aquatics Center. We also offer year round classes at the La Crosse YMCA! Logrolling is a super fun sport. If you are looking for something new to be a part of, logrolling is definitely a great choice! Check out our site pages under the “Menu” bar for more information about us and the sport of logrolling! Also, if you’re interested in La Crosse Logrolling, click “Follow” in the bottom right hand corner for E-mail updates!

Don’t forget, if you’re eager to learn more, go ahead and take a look at the US Logrolling Association’s official Website,

Once again, we’re very excited for fall classes to start up at the Y, as well as to see everyone again!


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