Friday update

We’d like to start this week’s update by welcoming any newcomers to our site! Thank you for checking us out! Feel free to look at all our pages and posts from the past and never be afraid to let us know if you have any questions about La Crosse Logrolling!
Do you have any kids who want to try a new activity? Logrolling is your perfect choice! We offer classes at the Y all year-round and we totally recommend giving it a try! The United States Log Rolling Association has more information on programs all around the country.

What a crazy season it’s been!

La Crosse amateurs and pros have competed in 5 tournaments (two of which were located in the Coulee Region) including the World Championships.
Tomorrow morning, two of our amateurs will be competing in Mackinaw City, Michigan for the sixth and final tournament of the season.
Summer is coming to an end, but it’s been one of the best summers yet! We have been featured in countless News Articles and on TV! Our sport is growing! Congratulations, everyone!
La Crescent has two more classes left for beginners ( Sunday and Monday), we’re hoping to see all the La Crescent Rollers at the Y! After this week, no more classes are left for La Crosse Logrolling this summer. Make sure you sign up for classes at the Y for the fall session before classes are filled! Classes will be held by the following schedule…

6:40 pm- all abilities
7:20 pm- advanced year-round competitors and adults only

3:30 pm-all abilities

12:00pm- all abilities

Once again, if you’d like to give logrolling a try, your perfect opportunity is the YMCA!

Good luck to Kody and Livi competing in Michigan tomorrow and of course,


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