Three Rivers Roleo


Congratulations to all our athletes competing at the 7th annual Three Rivers Roleo yesterday! Here are the top 3 results:

U7 coed
Roleo Champ- Libby Magnone
2nd place- Caiden Poupore
3rd place- Adah Minikel-Lacocque.

All three of these top place finishers made it to the four log during their matches! Great work!

U10 girls
Roleo Champ- Morgan Thill- LA CROSSE ROLLER!
2nd place- Ellie Buxton- LA CROSSE ROLLER!

We had quite a few new competitors in the girls U10 division! Way to roll!

U10 boys
Roleo Champ- Dominick Magnone
2nd place- Jacob Deithert
3rd place- Sam Polentini

We saw the 4 log multiple times in U10 boys and very long matches! It was tiring just watching!

U13 girls-
Roleo Champ- Livi Pappadopoulos- LA CROSSE ROLLER!
2nd place- Haley Penning
3rd place- Hailey Miller

U-13 girls was a very competitive division with so much whitewater!

U13 boys-
Roleo Champ- Carson Poupore
2nd place- Kody Koblitz- LA CROSSE ROLLER!
3rd place- Anthony Polentini

This year, our U13 boys proved that logrolling is NOT easy and that logrollers need a lot of athletic ability!

U17 girls-
Roleo Champ- Maggie Penning

Although Maggie was the only U17 girl at the Roleo, she did an outstanding job! She rolled as U17 coed and even beat quite a few of the boys!

U17 boys-
Roleo Champ- Mathias Klingemann- LA CROSSE ROLLER!
2nd place- Tanner Hallett
3rd place- Shane Burns- LA CROSSE ROLLER!

One of the most competitive divisions at the tournament. Crazy! Way to go!

Adult Sport-
Roleo Champ- Chris Serpico
2nd place- Peter Verstegen
3rd place- Mark Wilkinson

These guys are very talented! Congrats.

Professional Women-
Roleo Champ- Gretchen Greene
2nd place- Emily Christopherson- LA CROSSE ROLLER!
3rd place- Shana Verstegen

The largest division at the Roleo and some of the best athletes in the country. Great rolling.

Professional Men-
Roleo Champ- JR Salzman
2nd place- Garrick Birdsong- LA CROSSE ROLLER!
3rd place- Spencer Wilkinson

Some of our pros surprised us and some used their same old tricks! Good job, everyone.

Congratulations to all our competitors! Unfortunately, summer is winding down with only one week of practices left and only one more tournament.
We’re excited for next year, though!

Reminder- We have Open Rolling at the Y on Tuesday from 6:40-7:30!

Yo Ho!

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