Friday Update

Hi everyone!
The summer is unfortunately starting to quiet down. La Crosse Rollers have two tournaments left this summer.

The Three Rivers Roleo (here!) on the 9th

Jack Pine Roleo (amateurs only) on the 16th (Mackinaw, Michigan)

Before the Three Rivers Roleo, we have an opportunity to roll at the site (Wednesday, August 6th) and clean up the park! Food will be provided. It’s a great time, come join us if you’re available!

We have practice at the Y at 3:15 this afternoon! Hoping to see everyone there!

See you all either at the Y or sometime next week!

1 thought on “Friday Update

  1. Even if practices are winding down, we have to keep the energy going!!! And keep those spirits high! d
    Amazing group of rollers this summer….so proud of you all!

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