Congratulations to all our rollers! We are home to TWO world champions, Morgan Thill (girls U10) and Livi Pappadopoulos (girls U13)!

Here are the rest of our results-
Emily took 3rd place! What a crazy 5 fall match for 3/4 with last year’s champion Gretchen Greene. Good job to the both of you!
Katie took 5th place! She lost a 5 fall match in the back bracket to Gretchen Greene who later faced Emily for 3/4. Katie showed some outstanding rolling this week!
Leah defeated Anjali Krongard in the opening round before heading to the back bracket, what a great 4- fall match!

Carl took 7th place! He was defeated in a very close match to Darren Hudson (who later went on to become the world champion) in the semi-finals and headed to the back-bracket. He then defeated Boone Scheer!
Effer took 10th place! He defeated Tim VanLare and then Charlie Goodmunson for his 10th prize finish. Wow!
Garrick made his professional debut at the Logrolling World Championships. Garrick lost a close 5 set match to 6th place finisher Dominick Serpico. Good job!

Alvin placed 2nd in an exciting bracket! He defeated Michael Wright and Chris Serpico!

Mathias took 2nd in a 5-fall match with Tom Mengwasser. Congrats!
Shane, last year’s U17 World Champion took 4th place!
Connor lost to Eventual Champion Tom Mengwasser in a 5-fall match. He continued on in the back bracket to place 5th!

Livi won her semi-finals match against Hailey Miller, then won the finals against Haley Penning in an outstanding 5-fall match!

Kody took 2nd. What a great 4-fall match against Carson Poupore! To get to the finals, Kody won the semi-finals against Larsen!
Larsen made it all the way to the semi-finals losing to Kody. He then continued on to take 5th.

Morgan is our WORLD CHAMPION! She beat Ruby McCue from Alaska in a really exciting match! GOOD JOB.

*boomrunning results soon to come.

Congratulations to each and every one of our World-Class Competitors! You showed great sportsmanship and GREAT ROLLING! Congratulations. We haven’t seen so many 5-fall matches in a very long time. Good job to all of our opponents and the new logrolling world champions!


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