La Crosse is rolling AMAZING at this year’s LWC! Professionals have 2 more days to compete while amateurs only have 1. We are so excited! Here are some of today’s highlights.

Leah won her first match against Anjali Krongard and is now in the back bracket after losing to Abby Hoeschler (with an AMAZING fight! Wow!) and will be rolling Olivia Judd tomorrow afternoon.
Katie won got a bye so she only rolled one match today, but she won against Jessica Collman 3-0! She will advance to rolling against Claudia Duffy tomorrow in the quarter finals.
Emily was outstanding today! She beat Emily Burger today and will be competing against Leah Stanton tomorrow morning.

Carl won his first match against Caleb Graves and will roll Darren Hudson tomorrow.
Garrick lost his match against Spencer Wilkinson and will be rolling against Dominick Serpico tomorrow.
Effer lost to Spencer Wilkinson in a tough match and will be rolling Tim VanLare tomorrow.

Livi won her match against Caitlin Pott. She will be rolling against Hailey Miller tomorrow.

Kody won against Jacob Kubarek and will be rolling against Larsen tomorrow! Two teammates in one match!
Larsen beat Jake Kramer and Andrew Serpico.

Morgan won her first match against Paige Pushkamp and will be rolling against Chloe Gosmell tomorrow for semi-finals.

Congratulations to all of our rollers! Good luck tomorrow!

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