Big Week!

Good work at practice so far this week!

I just wanted to remind all of our rollers that our first home tournament of the season, the La Crosse Open, is this weekend! I am so excited to see great matches and a lot of outstanding rolling on Saturday at Memorial Pool right here in La Crosse!

NOTE FOR ANY ROLLERS WHO HAVE NOT PARTICIPATED IN A TOURNAMENT IN THE PAST: The La Crosse Open is a great opportunity to roll in your first tournament! It is a tournament for all ages and experiences, while it is a fun day to meet new friends and compete in a really fun sport. This year, any rollers who are competing in their first tournament (from all La Crosse, Onalaska and La Crescent programs) have a chance at winning a super cool prize! If you’re interested, please visit or ask your logrolling teacher for details at your next class on Thursday or Friday.

For those of you already signed up for the tournament, here’s some more information you may need to know for Saturday.
•All amateur athletes should be at Memorial Pool by 10:30 am for Warm Ups
•the U13 divisions and Adult Sport begin competing at 11:00am.
•After U13 and Adult Sport have finished, the U10 and U17 divisions will roll.
•After U10 and U17, U7 coed will wrap up the amateur competition.
•The check-in deadline for pro athletes is 1:30pm.
•Pro men and women will have a 30 minute warm up as soon as the amateur tournament is over, then both men and women will compete at the same time.
•All athletes should bring a water bottle.
•food and drinks available at the pool.
•Be prepared for any weather. We recommend bringing a lawn chair or anything to sit on.
•The top three winners from each division will win a prize.
•Feel free to cheer on your favorite athletes!
•More information on the La Crosse Open and any other tournament you are interested in competing in can be found at The United States Logrolling Association’s Website

More tournaments coming up in the next three weeks are the Namekagon
River Roll Off in Hayward, Wi on Sunday, July 20. The Logrolling World Championships are also in Hayward the following week.

Amateur logrolling starts on Thursday, July 24 and ends on Friday, July 25. Pro logrollers compete from the 24th to the 26th. All logrollers should check in to World Championships the night of Wednesday, July 23rd. Please feel free to ask any of your instructors/coaches as well as any other advanced rollers if you are interested in either of these competitions, or visit The United States Logrolling Association

Thank you! Have a great night everyone! Yo Ho!

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