Summer is finally here!

Exciting times for the La crosse clan! Regular classes and open Rolling time all begin next week at the Onalaska Waterfront, La Crosse YMCA, and Erickson Pool! If you have any questions about locations, times or schedules, feel free to contact us in the comment section!

Our first competition this season, the Midwest Logrolling Championships, will be held on June 28 in Madison, WI. New to this exciting competition, this year the championships will be held as a part of Madison’s annual Rythm and Booms festival! This year, the tournament will include thousands of spectators! 

Just like in previous years, the Midwest Championships will hold a fundraiser for the awful Huntington’sDisease. LaCrosse has their own fundraising page as a group this year! We will win a #3 log as a prize if we are the top fundraiser to donate to one of our local programs! To donate, visit our fundraising page by clicking the link in the next post. 

Have a terrific day! I hope you’re all excited for lots of great rolling this summer! Yo Ho!




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