Your Friday Update

Hello, everyone! 

Exciting times for La Crosse logrolling AND the entire logrolling community! 

Tomorrow, in Eau Claire Wisconsin, there will  be a professional logrolling non-ranked tournament as part of Eau Claire’s Polar Plunge! Good luck to Garrick Birdsong and Leah and Mike Burns who will be competing. Who saw the commercial on TV? Definitely great publicity for our fast growing sport. To everyone competing tomorrow, good luck and stay warm!

Speaking of upcoming tournaments, the Oconomowoc Five O Fast Feet is Sunday, March 2nd. It is the first amateur competition of the year! Competition season is hours away. Who’s ready? We sure are!

Practice was great today. Lots of hard work and countless matches! Awesome job, everyone! 

REMINDER: Next week is registration week, meaning we have no classes. It is a POSSIBILITY we could have open rolling on Tuesday night. We are not sure, but I will let everyone know by Tuesday night! 

Good luck to everyone competing tomorrow and next weekend, and of course, Yo Ho!

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