Your Friday Update:

Hello, logrollers! 

Happy  Friday! It’s only two days away from the last home tournament of the year, who can’t wait! We’re so excited!

REMINDERS ABOUT SUNDAY: warm ups begin at Noon,

we suggest you get here before. If you haven’t registered yet or you need more information, here is the link to the registration form.

Click to access 2013_River_Rat_Roll_Entry_Form.pdf

We can’t wait to see everyone! It’ll be a great time! 

We’re at  YMCA-La Crosse 1140 Main Street La Crosse, WI 54601,  here’s a map on For more information, please comment on this post! Thanks!

There WILL be a tournament in February like a Polar Plunge! Brrrrrr! Who’s ready? 

Great job to all who practiced on Tuesday Night! Awesome rolling! Classes will start back up next Tuesday, and continue through the week on Fridays and Saturdays, along with Classes AND open rolling/training time all on every Tuesday! We can’t wait!

That’s all for today! Yo Ho!





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