Your Friday Update


First, as you can see, there have been some changes to our website! I have more plans to make the front page look even better, put we need to figure out how to DO that, first. Temporarily, this is what we have, I hope you like it! Stay tuned!

Welcome to our website, for those of you who are new here. We’re excited to have our blog grow more popular! I’ll just remind you that this is a blog based on our team, La Crosse logrolling! We’ll be posting about practices, tournaments, upcoming events, news, and more. I’m Livi Pappadopoulos, and I’m an amateur logroller who you may have seen rolling at the Y. I’ll talk about other rollers and keep everyone posted on how we’re doing! Thanks for joining us, everyone! Make sure you follow our blog to get email updates!

Practice was crazy tonight. Lots of awesome rolls! Maggie, although you hurt your shin on the log today, today, especially leading up to that point, you showed outstanding skills on that log! You were awesome, I couldn’t believe my eyes! You stayed on for too long to count! I was glad that after you took care of it, you got back on that log anyways. W-O-W! Congratulations, you showed true dedication today! As well as that, we saw some outstanding rolling from all three logs. Even though Morgan didn’t have her shoes, she spun the log and stayed on top WITH lots of whitewater all over the place! Outstanding! Even though summer’s over, we’re still in great shape and rolling like crazy! OUTSTANDING JOB, EVERYONE! I am so impressed!

The River Rat Roll is sneaking up on us faster than we think. We’re so excited! Who can’t wait? EVERYONE WHO IS NOT SIGNED UP YET: THERE IS STILL TIME! Registration it up on and forms are in the lobby (by all the brochures) at the Y. 

Who’s coming to practice tomorrow? We can’t wait to see you! Let’s ROLL!

Yo Ho, have a great night!

2 thoughts on “Your Friday Update

  1. I luv your energy, your commitment, your care for the team. keep up the spirit!! A.O

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