Your Friday Update

Hello, logrollers!

It’s been a long week with a GREAT end with practice at the Y at 3:30 this afternoon! We put in some good, hard work today and are excited for Oconomowoc!

We’re so happy with our success with Tuesday night Open Rolling after classes!!! Pros and Advanced Amateurs from La Crosse get another opportunity during their week to roll, and we can’t wait to see what logrolling will look like in the future, open swimmers, kids and adults, from the other side of the pool are always so excited to watch the logrollers! Hopefully, we just killed two birds with one stone by getting another chance to train AND help the sport grow.

Don’t forget, the registration for Oconomowoc Rock n Roll is up on uslogrolling, as well as the River Rat Roll and November Nationals! Get those calendars marked and send those forms in, These competitions are sooner than you think! 

Yo ho, and have an AWESOME night!

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