Your Friday Update


Who absolutely can’t wait Until NEXT LUMBERJACK WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS?

Even though it seems far away, don’t worry! It’ll come faster than you think, especially if you continue to follow our blog! We’re starting a Logrolling Countdown! Here are upcoming events:


Lumberjack World Championships- 317 days


Oconomowoc Rock ‘n’ Roll- 24 days


La crosse Round Robin River Rat Roll- 45 days


November Nationals- 51 days






Every time we post, we’ll let you know how long until the next tournament!

Out of town people- fall is sneaking up on us just as fast as the La Crosse Round Robin River Rat Roll, as you can see above! Mark your calendars for Sunday, October 27. Warm-Ups begin at noon and goes until 4:00 pm! Member fee- $25 Non-Member fee-$30.    Come join us for a great time!

Awesome rolling at the YMCA this afternoon! Logrolling is reaching it’s next step, seeing all the beginners at the other end the pool! So excited!

Thanks, everyone, have a great night, and Yo Ho!


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