Next Summer Ideas

I was just sitting here thinking to myself… Wouldn’t it be great to have more demonstrations next year?  I know this is crazy, and I understand if you think it’s a weird idea, but what about business cards and flyers and stuff like that? I’m just thinking of ways to promote the sport. We wouldn’t necessarily hand them out to strangers walking in Downtown Lacrosse or whatever, but maybe… Like you all know those fairs where organizations and clubs and all those things have booths where you can play a game and they’ll give you a brochure? We could try that… Or, I just had a brilliant idea. It would not be easy and it might be expensive, but possibly we could try to have a stand at Riverfest next year! We could have a blow up pool with a #1 or #2 log  and take turns rolling for people to watch, and we could offer people to try. They’d get wet, but whatever. It’s 100 degrees and everyone’s romping around in that big fountain anyways. Like I said, it would be a lot of $$$, but we could all pitch in. I’m guessing it would be about 500-1000, but if we all put in 100 or 50, it may be possible. What do you guys think? If we are planning to do this, we should probably start thinking about it now. Thanks!


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